Three Tips for Hosting a Video Conference

Three Tips for Hosting a Video Conference

These days, we’re in the business of helping you shift your events into virtual spaces - but whether you’re tapping us for guidance or going it alone, there are some practices that can help you get the best results from your virtual event! Here are some tips for optimizing your attendees’ experience, and hosting the most effective video conference possible:

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Solid colors translate better and are less distracting on camera than busy patterns. This is true not only for shirts, but for ties, scarves, and other accessories as well! But avoid wearing bright white, as it can throw off the light balance within the video and make it harder to see your features.

You’ll want to watch out for jewelry that reflects light or makes noise, like bangles or flashy earrings. You also want to avoid any jewelry that you may fidget with, as this can also be distracting to viewers.

And if possible, avoid wearing glare-inducing glasses. If you cannot avoid it, adjust the placement of the camera to help minimize the glare.

If you have any questions regarding appropriate attire or other tips for guiding your speakers, please reach out!

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Before your video conference or webinar, consider the location of your camera, and get a sense of the light that will be present in the room during the time of day you’ll be recording or presenting. Make sure that there will be enough light for viewers to see you clearly, and be cautious of any backlighting that may cast shadows on your face.

Tidy your background if needed to minimize distractions for your audience. (Whatever you can see on the camera will also be seen by viewers on the other end!)

And lastly, make sure you are presenting in a private area. Try to record/present in a room that’s separate from others, to discourage interruptions.

Give us a shout for more help setting the “stage” for your virtual event!


Just because you may be alone in your physical space doesn’t mean you’re alone during your video conference! Use the chat features within your presentation app to request questions, host conversation, and take polls during your talk. Place opportunities for engagement throughout your talk, and keep the tone conversational whenever possible. Lean into the more casual nature of webinars and video-based conferences, and use it to create a more authentic connection than you might by standing on a physical stage.

And when it comes to your slides, throw all thoughts of “death by PowerPoint” out the window! When hosting a video conference or webinar, you don’t have the advantage of a physical environment to keep your audience engaged - so make sure your slides are visually interesting and that you’re switching up your visuals frequently throughout your presentation. Your audience will also be viewing your slides on smaller screens at home, so limit key talking points to 1-2 per slide and use larger font sizes when possible.

Need help implementing these tips? Drop us a note and we’ll help you find the perfect tech solutions to support your event goals!

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We hope these tips are helpful as you plan your virtual events!

Virtual Meetings & Events

Virtual Meetings & Events

If you’re in the events industry, you’re well aware that we’re all finding ways to pivot and serve our organizers & attendees as best we can during this unprecedented time.

That said, we’re thankful to be able to provide solutions for shows that must go on!

We’ve crafted systems to be able to provide a variety of webcast and delivery methods for virtual events! Learn more about the technology we offer here!


THANK YOU SO MUCH! There would have been no way I could have done WiDS at all without you. I’ve gotten so much great feedback from the conference and it’s truly all due to your hard work. Thank you for being so adaptable and understanding in these crazy times!
— Danielle D., Women in Data Science
Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 12.41.37 PM.png
You guys were the bomb! Thanks so much for such a seamless program – I have received lots of positive feedback on the program so far. I will encourage next year’s course directors to choose you if they know what is good for them!
— Elizabeth P., UVA Health System Continued Medical Education


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